Welcome to Composta Australia, We are the proud Aussie Manufacturer of an amazing Wormfarm composting system,that is clean and easy to use,Your Composta will reward you with Healthy & Happy plants....Composta is ideal for Patios and Balconies.

We are Composta Australia. 

We have helped thousands of Australians to compost their kitchen waste responsibly and easily,using the Composta Wormfarm and Composting, growing system to help them grow amazing healthy organic herbs and vegies at home.

We've been so humbled by the huge success of the Composta.   

Combining all these amazing attributes to provide easy Composting,
🌱 Perfect for Apartments and Units
🌱 Clean & easy to use
🌱 Self-fertilising
🌱 BPA-free & UV Stable
🌱 Water-saving

The Composta has beautiful modern designing;
  large composting section
 Snug-fitting lid on compost to prevent foreign insects
  large planter section 
 Sleeker  refined finish 

We absolutely LOVE the Composta Wormfarm and know you will too!