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Ants in my Composta May 3, 2019 14:40


Having ants in your Composta isn't ideal, but they are giving you a sign of the conditions that are going on inside.  When you see ants, it's likely that your Composta is too dry or acidic.

Here are a few solutions:

  • Give your Composta a really good watering - both inside the centre canister and in the outer garden.  Really drench it.  Don't worry, the special drainage system will ensure your worms won't drown!
  • Place the 3 Composta legs into small containers of water (even jam lids will do the trick).  You have also seen Borax and Cinnamon work in place of water.  This will deter ants from going up the legs.
  • Smear ointment (ie. vaseline, pawpaw ointment) on the legs which will also prevent ants from climbing up.
  • Apply pyrethrum or an eco-friendly ant spray to the legs and exterior of the planter pot section.  The worms will still be safe inside the Composta.

    Hope that one of these might help you and always feel free to contact us if you have questions!